Art and air pollution: Sunsets as measure of aerosol optical depth


  • C.S. Zerefos 1. Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece; 2. Navarino Environmental Observatory (N.E.O.), Messinia, Greece
  • P. Tetsis Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece
  • A. Kazantzidis Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, Physics Department, University of Patras, Greece
  • V. Amiridis Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Application and Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens, Greece
  • S.C. Zerefos Hellenic Open University, Patras, Greece
  • J. Luterbacher Department of Geography, Climatology, Climate Dynamics and Climate Change, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany
  • K. Eleftheratos Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, University of Athens, Greece
  • E. Gerasopoulos 1. Navarino Environmental Observatory (N.E.O.), Messinia, Greece; 2. Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, Greece
  • A. Papayannis National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece



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Zerefos, C., Tetsis, P., Kazantzidis, A., Amiridis, V., Zerefos, S., Luterbacher, J., Eleftheratos, K., Gerasopoulos, E., & Papayannis, A. (2014). Art and air pollution: Sunsets as measure of aerosol optical depth. Clean Air Journal, 24(1), 4.



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