Inclusive language policy

In Clean Air Journal (CAJ), articles, with their respective abstracts, are published in English. All peer-reviewed articles are therefore required to have an abstract written in English.  This policy includes two additional option to enhance science communication, namely, 1) Addition of a second abstract in any African language and 2) Verbal abstracts. 

Additional abstract

In order to enhance science communication and to broaden the reach of the research in the Journal, authors have the option to, over and above the English abstract, add an additional abstract in an African language. The authors will be responsible for the translation and language editing of such an abstract. This should be included in the submission of the original manuscript to the Journal. This second abstract in an African language is optional. 

Verbal abstract

Authors have the option to record and upload a verbal abstract in English and/or in an African language. Authors should express any interest to do so at the acceptance stage of the paper.  

An African language is considered to be any language spoken in Africa.

Certification of translation

For wirtten or verbal abstracts that are not in English, the authors must submit a "Certification of the translation". This is to confirm that the abstract (written or verbal) is an accurate translation of the content in the English abstract. The corresponding author and the translation reviewer must sign the “Certification of translation”. The translation reviewer is someone who is familiar with both languages and is not an author on the paper. For written abstracts, this certification form needs to accompany the submission of the manuscript to Clean Air Journal. If the abstract is edited during peer-review, then this form must be resubmitted to confirm that the final version of the abstract has been accurately translated. 

For verbal abstracts, this certification form needs to accompany the submission of the verbal abstract.