Decarbonization of Africa: Metamorphosing the Continent for Sustainable Trajectories

Decarbonization of Africa




Africa has witnessed significant economic growth and development in recent years, driven by digitalization, industrialization, urbanization, and technological advancements. Despite contributing only a small fraction of global carbon dioxide emissions, Africa is facing the adverse impacts of climate change at an accelerated rate, with warming occurring faster than the global average. The urgent need to identify sustainable approaches for decarbonizing Africa has become paramount. This article highlights the challenges and pragmatic approaches to achieving decarbonization in Africa. The challenges encompass economic, social, and technological aspects, including difficulties in incorporating highly renewable energy and the lack of consideration given to system integration and non-financial aspects. Insufficient investments in low-carbon technologies, the absence of national-level commitments, and limited policies and financing options hinder progress toward decarbonization. Various pragmatic approaches are proposed to address these challenges. Expanding renewable energy sources through financial incentives and partnerships is crucial. Enhancing energy efficiency across sectors, promoting sustainable transportation, and adopting green building practices can significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Emphasizing sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, and improving access to clean cooking services are vital for mitigating climate change and enhancing public health. Furthermore, international cooperation and financing are crucial in mobilizing resources for clean energy projects and decarbonization initiatives. Strengthening partnerships and creating supportive regulatory frameworks can attract private sector investment and promote a sustainable, low-carbon future for Africa.


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Ogaya, J., Okesanya, O. J., Olatunji, G., Delos Santos, F., Pedrajas-Mendoza, S. A., Magramo, M., … Lucero-Prisno, D. E. I. (2024). Decarbonization of Africa: Metamorphosing the Continent for Sustainable Trajectories: Decarbonization of Africa. Clean Air Journal, 34(1).