Mission and vision

To provide assistance to good-quality, open-access South African journals to adhere to best practice and to enhance their reach through optimising accessibility, discoverability, indexability, interoperability and visibility.

ASSAf’s vision for the Khulisa Journals is to sustain and grow the hosting service in the long term, and maintain and develop the functionality provided on the platform in line with best practice and ASSAf’s mission.

Criteria for inclusion on Khulisa Journals

In line with ASSAf’s mission and vision to provide assistance to journals and grow the platform, eligible journals are welcome to apply to join. Eligible journals are those that:

  • are included on the SciELO SA Collection OR
  • have received a recommendation from an ASSAf peer review panel for inclusion on SciELO SA and meet the criteria for inclusion on SciELO SA.