Clean Air Day - 7 September 2021


To mark the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies on 7 September 2021, the Clean Air Journal in collaboration with the South African Medical Research Council is releasing a series of short videos highlighting pertinent research published in the journal. The full playlist is available here.

1.    Bianca Wernecke -
Many South African households burn dirty fuels (coal and wood) as the primary source of energy for heating and cooking purposes. Unfortunately, what many don’t realise is that air pollution caused by these activities has a significant influence on public health and some of the people most affected are the poorest of the poor living in low-income settlements. Ms Bianca Wernecke from the SAMRC’s Environment and Health Research Unit talks to us more about this.

2.    Nick Okello -

Dr Nick Okello, an Environmental Scientist from Kenya, explains the different air pollution trends and their devastating effects on human health and the effectiveness of government policy in reducing pollution and saving people's lives.

 3.    Katye Altieri -

According to Dr Katye Altieri, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Oceanography from UCT, air pollution has a negative impact on human health as well the economy of any country. She explains that in order to protect human health, there is a need for effective air quality management which relies on the attainment of air quality standards.

 4.    Ncobile Nkosi -

Burning coal is used as a main energy source to meet basic needs such as cooking and keeping warm in low-income residential areas that either do not have access to electricity or if they do, they can’t afford it. However, it is one of the major sources of a deadly pollutant, fine particulate matter. Ms. Ncobile Nkosi, a Geography Lecturer at the North-West University, explains more.

 5.    Andriannah Mbandi -

Dr Andriannah Mbandi, a Lecturer at the South Eastern Kenya University, talks about air pollution in Africa in the time of COVID-19: the air we breathe indoors and outdoors. Her commentary on this subject was published in the Clean Air Journal.  

6.    Teaser -